A New Canada
Political Party

Canada’s newest political party – A New Canada – was created in early  2022 in response to the draconian CoVid measures and the inept handling of our country.

We think the elected provincial and federal representatives whom we (The People) voted into office should actually represent us.

We are not professional politicians.  We are, however, experienced business people who have a plan to make Canada a nation that protects our neighbours and becomes a dynamic country once more.

What we want is two election terms (about 8 years provincially, and 10 years federally) to put systems in place to help the citizens and the country of Canada.

Within this site will be most of our mandates, along with the reasoning behind our decisions. There will also be a blog with each mandate so we can receive feedback from you if you have points of views we have not considered.

We have noted the compromises made to special interest groups. A New Canada will try to elicit change for the betterment of the people, not powerful companies or other interests.

Further along on this page are some areas we feel can improve Canada for a healthier population, eliminate poverty, and make Canada stronger and more financially dynamic.

We believe A New Canada can implement these strategies successfully before we retire from “politics” and allow another party to succeed us.

A New Canada
Provincial Concerns

A New Canada Mandates

EconomyFinancial Projections
Flat TaxMoney Laundering
Universal Basic Income  (UBI)GST
Health CareIncrease Canadian Manufacturing
Specialized HospitalsImmigration
Universal PrescriptionsSkilled Immigrants Retraining
CoVidClimate Change
Canada SecurityAlternate Energy
Quantum ComputersOil, Gas & Pipelines for Export
RacismIndian Status & Changes
   Residential Schools 
   MS St Louis 

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A New Canada Needs
Election Candidates

A New Canada is a new political party whose only interest is to improve Canada, taking into account the provincial areas of concerns and Federal policies.

We need smart, enterprising, honest, compassionate, men and women who have integrity, confidence and flexibility.

If there is an interest, click on the province you reside in, download the Political Representative form, fill out, scan and send to the provincial email address.

Provincial Election Dates

BC    https://elections.bc.ca/contact/      

         Saturday Oct 15 2022

AB    https://www.elections.ab.ca/elections/albertas-next-election/  

         between 3/1 – 5/31 2023

SK    https://www.elections.sk.ca/  
          Oct. 28, 2024,

MN    https://www.electionsmanitoba.ca/en/Voting    

          October 3 2023

ON    June 2 2022

PQ    Oct 23 2022 

NS    July 15 2025

NB    Oct 21 2024 (NB)

PEI   https://www.electionspei.ca/

          Oct 2 2013

NL     https://www.elections.gov.nl.ca/elections/

          Oct 14 2025

YK       https://electionsyukon.ca/

            November 3, 2025

NWT https://www.electionsnwt.ca/
          October 3 2023

NVT  https://www.elections.nu.ca/
          October 2025

A New Canada

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email: helpme@anewcanada.ca

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